Programs & Projects

Throughout the year RFTU organises and co-organises up to 100 professional events, festivals, conferences, exhibitions of theatre set and costume design, seminars, workshops and master classes given by leading professionals with different partners in Russia and abroad.


Results of the Season No.56, Annual Exhibition of Moscow Stage Design

April - May, 2020

Around 100 set designers, both renowned and emerging, will showcase their designs – models, sketches, costumes, puppets, installations – from premiers of the previous theatre season in theatres of Moscow, other Russian cities, and abroad.


XIV International Summer Theatre School

June, 2020

For a period of one month young professional theatre actors from Russia and abroad will take classes on all professional disciplines (i.e. acting, voice, movement, etc.) and rehearse a performance with one of the four leading Russian theatre directors. Working language is Russian. Deadline for applications is March 1.


ARTMIGRATION, Forum and Festival

September, 2020

Young directors recently graduated from Moscow theatre schools whose performances are in repertoire of Russian theatres beyond Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the heroes of this Festival. The Forum offers a communication platform for creative youth of different performing arts disciplines and also an opportunity to participate in seminars, presentations, discussions, and showcases. Professionals aged under 35 from other cities can apply for accommodation coverage in Moscow. Application deadline: March 1, 2020


Artmigration. Kids

October - November, 2020

The Festival introduces the best performances for children and youth directed by the young theatre directors who have recently graduated from Moscow theatre schools and work in regional Russian theatres.

Other Projects

Artistic Workshops


All year round Russian Theatre Union organises workshops for theatre practitioners of all disciplines (directors, actors, designers, etc.) across Russia to foster professional development, networking and exchange. All the workshops are led by outstanding Russian artists and leading theatre trainers.

The program of support for Russian-Speaking Theatre in Foreign Countries

2020, During the year

The program includes theatre labs and workshops led by artists and trainers from the leading Russian Theatre Schools. In 2019 sixteen theatres from 9 countries will host workshops by Russian Theatre Schools' trainers and four labs for theatre directors will take place in Kazakhstan, Estonia and Lithuania. As a result of the previous year director's labs three directors will make productions in the Russian theatres of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Travel Support Scheme for Regional Theatre Artists


Every year Russian Theatre Union awards more than 100 travel grants to Russian theatre professionals from different parts of Russia to attend professional theatre events in the country including The RTU Summer Theatre School, The Golden Mask, The Baltic House, The Harlequin, ArtMigration festivals and other important events in Russia.

«Start-up» Project

«Start-up» - informational website for young and emerging theatre professionals who want to know about and apply for projects and support programs of the Russian Theatre Union.

Catalogue for Musical Theatres

Theatre Union‘s web project is dedicated to smooth over the repertory problems in Russian musical theatres: the catalogue includes information on musicals compositions, just produced or performed.

Catalogue of the contemporary foreign plays

Digital catalogue - the plays are arranged by the playwrights, enterpreters, genres, language. List of the new publications is also available.

Digital Theatre Words

Digital Theatre Words (DTW) is a global project undertaken by International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT), the goal of the project is to compile an Internet dictionary addressed to all theatre professionals: set designers, stage architects, managers, costume designers, light designers, sound specialists, technicians, etc. The Russian-English version worked out by the Russian OISTAT Centre is available online at

RTU Publishing

Russian Theatre Union is a founder and publisher of several theatre magazines: THEATRE, THE OTHER SHORES, STRASTNOY BULEVARD, 10, THE STAGE. Selected publications or electronic copies of the magazines are available on their websites.

Teatr (The Theatre) Magazine №39

New edition of TEATR. Magazine is dedicated to Laboratory as an organisational form in the performing arts, alternative to the repertoire theatre. Laboratories flourished in Russian theatre in post-perestroika years, twenty years later we are experiencing its renaissance. TEATR. is trying to capture the new hopes and disappointments of this process.READ MORE >

Theatre Union Grants to support artistic projects for children and youth - 2019

As part of the State Program to support Theatre for Children and Youth Russian Theatre Union annually awards grants for artistic projects aiming to facilitate development of the TYA (i.e.festivals, workshops, publishing of the specialised books and others).

The Boyar House

A Russian Theatre Union (RTU) venue with 18th century arched ceilings offers excellent atmosphere for all sorts of theatre events. It gives space to young experimental artists and independent theatre companies, hosts RTU projects, festivals, theatre designers exhibitions, installations, lectures and workshops.